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Jamie Railton ConsignorSales Results

The performance of horses consigned by Jamie Railton Sales Agency at bloodstock sales across Europe over the past twelve months can be viewed below.

Tattersalls Book 4 Yearling Sale 2022
Lot No. Price
or Name
Sex Purchased by
2043 4,000 gns Decorated Knight (GB) x Rivercat (GB) F Chris Butler
2054 5,000 gns Decorated Knight (GB) x Spring Eternal (GB) C Castle View Racing
2055 3,000 gns Decorated Knight (GB) x Tarawa (FR) C Robyn Brisland
Tattersalls Book 3 Yearling Sale 2022
Lot No. Price
or Name
Sex Purchased by
1381 22,000 gns Zoustar (AUS) x Lacarolina (FR) F Dwayne Woods
1414 32,000 gns Zoustar (AUS) x Miss Sugars (GB) C Andrew Oliver
1420 100,000 gns Sea The Moon (GER) x Mountain Bell (GB) C A C Elliott, Agent
1470 11,000 gns Decorated Knight (GB) x Rose of Miracles (GB) C Lamont Racing / Quirke Bloodstock
1507 11,000 gns Decorated Knight (GB) x Star of Bristol (USA) C Midland Equine
1602 11,000 gns Ulysses (IRE) x Chatterati (USA) C Bader HA Al-Mahmal
1629 32,000 gns Advertise (GB) x Diamond Blaise (GB) C Shiremark Barn Stables
1749 37,000 gns Allroadsleadtorome (GB) (Golden Horn (GB) x New Desire (IRE)) C Kings Bloodstock / Gemma Tutty
1755 20,000 gns New Bay (GB) x Original Song (GB) F FJS Enterprises
1760 37,000 gns Showcasing (GB) x Peace And Love (IRE) C Nasir Askar
1790 11,500 gns Lightning Spear (GB) x Sabrewing (IRE) C Armando Duarte / David Easterby
1903 10,000 gns Sea The Moon (GER) x Bella Varenna (IRE) F Henry Spiller Racing
1930 77,000 gns Zoustar (AUS) x Cockney Dancer (GB) F Blandford Bloodstock
1982 6,000 gns Havana Gold (IRE) x Gertrude Versed (GB) F Alice Haynes Racing
1987 7,000 gns Zoffany (IRE) x Glenys The Menace (FR) F Andrew Oliver
Tattersalls Book 2 Yearling Sale 2022
Lot No. Price
or Name
Sex Purchased by
571 8,000 gns Zoustar (AUS) x Kiyoshi (GB) F Ed Dunlop Racing
661 120,000 gns Too Darn Hot (GB) x Mirror City (GB) F Jamie McCalmont Bloodstock
675 85,000 gns Blue Point (IRE) x Moonvoy (GB) F Blandford Bloodstock/ Chelsea Thoroughbreds
682 62,000 gns Kodiac (GB) x Mujabaha (GB) F CITAI Spa
795 40,000 gns Cable Bay (IRE) x Quiet Protest (USA) C Highflyer Bloodstock / Eve Johnson Houghton
953 58,000 gns Ardad (IRE) x Totally Lost (IRE) F Rabbah Bloodstock
955 75,000 gns Ulysses (IRE) x Traditionelle(GB) C A C Elliott, Agent
1062 57,000 gns Wootton Bassett (GB) x Apres Midi (IRE) F Nick Bell
1126 60,000 gns Ulysses (IRE) x Capriolla (GB) C H Morrison
1129 140,000 gns Zoustar (AUS) x Castle Hill Cassie (IRE) F Karl Burke
Tattersalls Book 1 Yearling Sale 2022
Lot No. Price
or Name
Sex Purchased by
72 100,000 gns Zoustar (AUS) x Moons of Jupiter (USA) F James Ferguson Racing
96 220,000 gns Noble Passion (IRE) (Sea The Stars (IRE) x Nouvelle Noblesse (GER)) F Powerstown Stud
Goffs Orby and Sportsman Sale 2022
Lot No. Price
or Name
Sex Purchased by
269 € 250,000 Zoustar x Tiger Eye F Jim Ryan
333 € 60,000 Zoustar x An Ghalanta F Longways Stables
364 € 170,000 Ten Sovereigns x Bodak F Ken Condon
Tattersalls Ireland September Yearling Sale 2022
Lot No. Price
or Name
Sex Purchased by
453 € 55,000 Zoffany x Guardia C Cormac Farrell Bloodstock
Tattersalls Somerville Yearling Sale 2022
Lot No. Price
or Name
Sex Purchased by
1 42,000 gns Havana Grey (GB) x On Route (GB) F MC Bloodstock
57 32,000 gns Profitable (IRE) x So Funny (USA) C Jai Parmar
113 1,500 gns Lightning Spear (GB) x Adalene (GB) C Mick Easterby
165 16,000 gns Territories (IRE) x Clubora (USA) C Jim Gill
167 14,000 gns Bungle Inthejungle (GB) x Cold Comfort (IRE) C George Scott Racing
169 43,000 gns Havana Gold (IRE) x Coquette Noire (IRE) F Highflyer / Shefford Bloodstock
245 32,000 gns Havana Gold (IRE) x Honky Tonk Sally (GB) F Highflyer Bloodstock
Tattersalls August Sale 2022
Lot No. Price
or Name
Sex Purchased by
11 1,500 gns Qweldryk (IRE) (Galileo Gold (GB) x Fainleog (IRE)) F Maureen Kim
12 5,500 gns Nafee (IRE) (Mehmas (IRE) x Something Magic (GB)) G Salah Al-Ajmi
13 5,000 gns Stan (FR) (Highland Reel (IRE) x Scottish Stage (IRE)) G Frost Racing
62 2,000 gns Krystal Maze (IRE) (Kodiac (GB) x Escapism (IRE)) F Ollie Pears
63 3,500 gns Showdance (GB) (Showcasing (GB) x Penny Royale (GB)) G Howson & Houldsworth Bloodstock
64 2,000 gns Candy Ride (ARG) x One Stormy Mama (USA) C Wayne Lukas Racing
98 25,000 gns Mobarhin (IRE) (Muhaarar (GB) x Fadhayyil (IRE)) G Naif Ibn Ghayam
99 12,000 gns Ubahha (GB) (Dubawi (IRE) x Taqaareed (IRE)) G Attwater Racing
100 4,500 gns Power On (IRE) (Power (GB) x Intermittent (GB)) G Pat Murphy
134 24,000 gns Adelisa (IRE) (Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) x Leonia (IRE)) F Stefan Hahne
136 10,000 gns Mai Alward (GB) (Havana Grey (GB) x Livella Fella (IRE)) F Tristan Davidson
181 32,000 gns Impeach (IRE) (No Nay Never (USA) x Court Circular (GB)) G Vendor
182 22,000 gns Almaan (USA) (Speightstown (USA) x Rosalind (USA)) G Vendor
183 18,000 gns Clarence C (IRE) (Caravaggio (USA) x Canterbury Lace (USA)) G Jaber al Sabah
185 2,500 gns Cygneture (GB) (Kingman (GB) x Dark Swan (IRE)) F Sheif Danna
217 130,000 gns Nationwide (IRE) (Exceed And Excel (AUS) x Duquesa (IRE)) C Oliver St Lawrence Bloodstock
219 70,000 gns Shamlaan (IRE) (Mehmas (IRE) x Streisand (IRE)) C Durcan Bloodstock
221 88,000 gns Dynamic Force (IRE) (Kodiac (GB) x Dream Dana (IRE)) G Cormac O'Flynn
262 28,000 gns Liberation Point (IRE) (Iffraaj (GB) x Botanique (IRE)) G Tamkim Stables
263 43,000 gns Night On Earth (IRE) (Kodiac (GB) x Eternal View (IRE)) G Ian Williams
265 62,000 gns Disdainful (IRE) (Kessaar (IRE) x Shallow Lake (USA)) C Meah / Lloyd Bloodstock For Eclipse TB Partners
306 11,000 gns King of Speed (IRE) (Acclamation (GB) x Music And Dance (GB)) G Meah / Lloyd Bloodstock
307 7,000 gns Solotov (IRE) (Invincible Spirit (IRE) x Mathuna (IRE)) C Halil Abu Sbet
308 35,000 gns Counsel (GB) (Frankel (GB) x Honorina (GB)) G Ian Williams
309 50,000 gns Conflict (IRE) (No Nay Never (USA) x Sound Of Guns (GB)) C RMM Bloodstock
346 5,000 gns Show Me A Sunset (GB) (Showcasing (GB) x Sunrise Star (GB)) G Jim Gill
347 9,000 gns Mr Moonstorm (GB) (Sea The Moon (GER) x Bracing Breeze (GB)) G Rachel O'Neill
348 30,000 gns Thakrah (GB) (Dubawi (IRE) x Thafeera (USA)) F Maria Ferguson
Goffs UK Premier Yearling Sale 2022
Lot No. Price
or Name
Sex Purchased by
21 £ 110,000 Ten Sovereigns (IRE) x Grand Zafeen (GB) F Richard Hughes
31 £ 35,000 Nathaniel (IRE) x Hermosura (GB) C Razza Latina
54 £ 0 Showcasing (GB) x Isango (GB) C
56 £ 40,000 Iffraaj (GB) x Isola Verde (GB) C Byron Rodgers/Star Bloodstock
97 £ 30,000 Zoustar (AUS) x Lightening Quick (GB) C SackvilleDonald/Tom Descombe
105 £ 16,500 Expert Eye (GB) x Love And Cherish (IRE) F Tom Wilson
123 £ 20,000 Kuroshio (AUS) x Midnightwithfoley (IRE) C Bozzi/Guerrieri
175 £ 12,000 Time Test (GB) x Poly Pomona (GB) F Fairview Stables/R.F.O'Brien
257 £ 18,000 U S Navy Flag (USA) x Style And Grace (IRE) F George Scott Racing
262 £ 40,000 Expert Eye (GB) x Suchisetagioo (GB) F Troy Steve B/Stock Ltd
270 £ 20,000 Too Darn Hot (GB) x Talema (FR) F Martin Wanless/David Evans
298 £ 43,000 Solider Of Rome (GB) (Cracksman (GB) x Tyrana (FR)) C Townley Hall Bloodstock
352 £ 10,000 Harry Angel (IRE) x Balance (GB) C Hurworth Bloodstock
367 £ 18,000 Bungle Inthejungle (GB) x Buroog (GB) C Bobby O'Ryan
374 £ 39,000 Invincible Army (IRE) x Cape Joy (IRE) C Robson Aguiar
412 £ 10,000 Zoustar (AUS) x Dubara (GB) F Ingleby Bloodstock Ltd
420 £ 3,000 Harry Angel (IRE) x Ebrah (GB) C Ollie Pears/Ownaracehorse
Arqana August Yearling Sale 2022
Lot No. Price
or Name
Sex Purchased by
200 € 130,000 Waldgeist x Alors Quoi C Armando DUARTE
211 € 270,000 Ashianas King (Kingman x Ashiana) C Lot not sold
256 € 380,000 Sea The Stars x Diamonds Pour Moi F Oliver St Lawrence
Tattersalls July Sale 2022
Lot No. Price
or Name
Sex Purchased by
034 £ 0 Benad Hasche (IRE) (Estidhkaar (IRE) x Along The Shore (IRE)) F
035 4,500 gns Bint Alsarab (IRE) (Zoffany (IRE) x Redmaven (IRE)) F Corballis Stud
038 1,000 gns Flora Macdonald (GB) (Gleneagles (IRE) x Ship's Biscuit (GB)) F K Tibbitts
076 5,000 gns Sweet Talking Girl (GB) (Muhaarar (GB) x Sweet Nicole (GB)) M Vendor
077 £ 0 Three By Three (IRE) (Invincible Spirit (IRE) x Threefold (USA)) M
078 6,000 gns Pink Storm (GB) (Aclaim (IRE) x Rowan Brae (GB)) M Budling Bloodstock for Chris Butler
161 5,000 gns First Secretary (GB) (Nayef (USA) x Spinning Queen (GB)) M Wayne Clifford
162 21,000 gns Swept Away (IRE) (Power (GB) x Amethyst (IRE)) M JS Bloodstock / R Gallagher
163 13,000 gns Salsoul (IRE) (Kodiac (GB) x Goldcrest (GB)) M Ahmad al Shaikh
164 8,000 gns Sharla (GB) (Outstrip (GB) x Shersha (IRE)) M Vendor
215 20,000 gns Red Hot Mama (GB) (Kingman (GB) x Hi Calypso (IRE)) M Poppy Holdings
216 110,000 gns Dima (FR) (Falco (USA) x Belobaka (FR)) F Astute Bloodstock
216A 165,000 gns Twisted Reality (GB) (Fastnet Rock (AUS) x Lady Dragon (IRE)) F BBA Ireland / Yulong Investments
303 19,000 gns Soyounique (IRE) (Siyouni (FR) x Adventure Seeker (FR)) G Charlestown Racing
305 30,000 gns Adjudicator (IRE) (Dark Angel (IRE) x African Moonlight (UAE)) G Ahmad Alabdullatif
307 2,000 gns Tiare (FR) (Ectot (GB) x Love On Top (FR)) F Al Owaidh Racing
336 14,000 gns McQueen (IRE) (Zoffany (IRE) x Sahralasal (IRE)) C RMM Bloodstock
337 18,000 gns Spirit Of UAE (GB) (Postponed (IRE) x Classic Code (IRE)) G Hans Inge Larsen
361 2,500 gns Coercion (GB) (Kitten's Joy (USA) x Cat's Claw (USA)) F Hurworth Bloodstock
362 80,000 gns New Year Honours (GB) (Nathaniel (IRE) x Coquette Noire (IRE)) F Aidan O'Ryan / Gordon Elliott
363 5,000 gns Prince Of Speed (GB) (Havana Gold (IRE) x Liberty Chery (GB)) G Abdulhadi Alajmi
364 8,500 gns Saatty (IRE) (Markaz (IRE) x Rashaaqa (GB)) G Sultan Reden
399 14,000 gns Bolt Of Thunder (IRE) (Kessar (IRE) x Hope And Faith (IRE)) C Francois Monfort
463 36,000 gns Thunder Cat (GB) (Roaring Lion (USA) x Rich Legacy (IRE)) C RMM Bloodstock
464 10,000 gns Libby Ami (IRE) (The Gurkha (IRE) x Moore's Melody (IRE)) F Badr Naif Al-Atawi
671 12,000 gns Rich Rhythm (GB) (Profitable (IRE) x Gift Of Music (IRE)) G A C Elliott, Agent
672 40,000 gns Seattle King (GB) (Kingman (GB) x Snoqualmie Star (GB)) G Trevor Johnson
702 15,000 gns Araifjan (GB) (Kyllachy (GB) x Light Hearted (GB)) G Michael Herrington
703 13,000 gns Corvair (IRE) (Toronado (IRE) x Nagham (IRE)) G Northgate Lodge Stud
827 170,000 gns Spartan Army (IRE) (Highland Reel (IRE) x Trianon (GB)) C Ballymaw Bloodstock
828 150,000 gns Upton Park (FR) (Elm Park (GB) x Sienna Bella (GB)) C Ibrahim Saeed Al-Malki
Tattersalls Guineas HIT Sale 2022
Lot No. Price
or Name
Sex Purchased by
17 1,000 gns Glenda's Spirit (IRE) (Gleneagles (IRE) x Martine's Spirit (IRE)) F Thomas Campion
45 3,500 gns Tributo (IRE) (Dragon Pulse (IRE) x Auntie Myrtle (IRE)) G Robin McEntee
46 45,000 gns Franklin William (GB) (Frankel (GB) x Kiyoshi (GB)) C Abdulatif Hussain Al-Emadi
76 25,000 gns Government (IRE) (Caravaggio (USA) x Love And Laughter (IRE)) G Conrad Allen
77 50,000 gns Wolsey (USA) (Kitten's Joy (USA) x Justaroundmidnight (IRE)) C Sheikh Abdullah Almalek Alsabah
78 13,000 gns Good Humor (GB) (Distorted Humor (USA) x Time On (GB)) G Glen Simons
119 40,000 gns Whittle Le Woods (GB) (Lethal Force (IRE) x Lady Loch (GB)) G Jassim Ghazali
Tattersalls February Sale 2022
Lot No. Price
or Name
Sex Purchased by
11 8,000 gns Rose Fandango (Exceed And Excel x Mumtaza) F Equine Services
13 1,000 gns Dark Angel x Don't Cry For Me F Lady Jane
213 4,000 gns Got The Moves (Vadamos x Johara) F Quirke Sport Horses
214 2,000 gns Flash Mob (Siyouni x Beach Belle) C Vladimir Vukojevic
215 20,000 gns Bateau Bay (Nathaniel x Assembly) F Philip Kirby
216 12,000 gns Brown Mouse (Showcasing x Shemda) F Bunny Roberts
263 26,000 gns The Ganges (Markaz x Heavenly River) C Simon Hodgson Racing
321 5,500 gns Cometh The Man (Dandyman x Be My Queen) G Shamrock Thoroughbreds/Compass Equine
322 27,000 gns Cooperation (Mehmas x Ripalong) G Roger J Moore
323 25,000 gns Temple Bruer (Showcasing x Kendal Mint) G Roger J Moore
443 12,000 gns Huraiz (Sepoy x Samaah) G Ewan Whillans
444 13,000 gns Doolin Dancer (Fast Company x Anayid) G Apollo Racing
446 28,000 gns Sen Ding (Mehmas x Marol) G Hamad Ahmad al Jehani

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