Excellent trade at the HIT sale

Jamie reflects upon a positive Horses in Training sale and looks ahead to the Breeding Stock sales.

Excellent trade at the HIT sale

The Tattersalls Horses in Training sale once again proved strong demand for the English and Irish-bred racehorses. The important thing was horses at all levels were finding new homes resulting in a clearance rate other sales can only dream of. There seemed to be an increase in demand from the Middle East as well as Australia and America. The series of new international races in a calendar year has meant a greater thirst. Certainly those horses racing over 1.2 and 1.4 miles were well sort after as these can now win a lot of money.

Looking ahead to the December Breeding Stock sales, we have certainly noticed an increase in fillies with a pedigree this year and we are sure that the demand will increase further. There is a shortage of high end breeding stock coming to public auction which will make trade very competitive. Confidence in our economic outlook will help and the sales season should end on a more positive note than was predicted in August.

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