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JR Bloodstock InvestmentHow to Invest

Are you an EIS bloodstock investor?

If you are, you are probably:

  • A professional investor.
  • Resident in the UK and a UK taxpayer.
  • Making your tax-efficient investment through Cill Dara Bloodstock.
  • Committing to the investment for three years.
  • Finding a minimum investment of £10,000 suits your needs.
  • Investing in 10 horses a year, which are selected by Jamie Railton's company directors for added security.

Are you new to bloodstock investing?

If you are, you are probably:

  • Genuinely interested in and have a passion for racing.
  • Exploring your investment options and looking for better returns.
  • Dipping your toe in this type of investment before committing to three years via the government's tax-efficient Enterprise Investment Scheme or EIS.
  • Considering the safest approach to bloodstock by spreading your investment across all of the yearlings.
  • Finding a minimum investment of £25,000 that covers purchase price and keep costs suits your needs.

Are you an experienced bloodstock investor?

If you are, you are probably:

  • Involved in or fully understand the bloodstock industry.
  • Investing in a specific horse.
  • Tying to learn more about the industry through Jamie before picking your own horses in the future.
  • Finding a minimum investment of £25,000 that covers purchase price and keep costs suits your needs.
To discuss your investment requirements and for all other investor enquiries please email: jamie@jamierailton.com or speak to Jamie Railton on T: 07774149336

Before any investment you must confirm your eligibility for your chosen form of investment with a qualified Financial Advisor. Investors should take their own financial and tax advice regarding any potential investment and the tax consequences.

Investment into this type of business is high risk and investment values can go up and down. In the event that the business is successful and shares invested in a one year cycle return a profit, gains are taxed at 20%.

Past performance cannot be relied upon as a guide to future performance and is not a reliable indicator of future returns. No investment, or investment strategy is without risks. The value of investments will go up and down and clients may get back less than they invested.

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