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JR Bloodstock InvestmentPinhooking Explained

What does JR Bloodstock Investment do?

We buy thoroughbred foals aged between six to eight months old and sell them within the year as ‘yearlings’. In the trade, it is known as ‘pinhooking’*

Bought for £42,000 As a foal
in december
Pinhooking Foal
Sold for £231,000 As a yearling
in october
Pinhooking Yearling
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How and why does it work?

The principal risk when buying a racehorse is that once on the track the horse does not run very fast. With pinhooking you remove that risk because you buy the horse and then sell it before it has raced.

Prior to a horse running on the track, its two key assets are a) its pedigree and b) its physical appearance. The pedigree itself will not change, but, like stocks or shares, the appeal of a horse’s pedigree can vary depending on other factors, such as the success of its relatives or other sales results.

With regard to a horse’s physical appearance, with the right diet, exercise and expert care, a horse’s physique can be managed to achieve the best possible outcome for when it goes to the sales.

Why does a horse’s value increase between purchase as a foal and being sold as a yearling?

The skill of the pinhooker is in spotting the foal with the potential to increase in value on account of its scope for physical improvement and how fashionable its pedigree may be.

JR Bloodstock Investment foals are nurtured at proven stud farms where they are cared for by highly skilled staff, top veterinarians and equine nutritionists to develop before returning to the sales within a year of purchase.

In buying foals and then selling them as yearlings, before they have raced, JR Bloodstock Investment’s pinhooking operation hits the ‘sweet spot’ in terms of when the highest number of thoroughbreds are at their optimum value.

Price differential
Foals to Yearlings

Horses sold at Tattersalls, Europe’s premier bloodstock auctioneers

To find out more, please download a PDF of the JR Bloodstock Investment brochure by completing the details below.

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